Issuers' Clearinghouse Service (ICS) is a consumer reporting agency. ICS maintains information about bankruptcy, and bankcard fraud, unauthorized use and application information. ICS is a centralized, nationwide database that provides reports to Visa Members that may point to risky consumer behavior. It was developed in 1989 at the request of Issuing Members to help reduce bankcard credit and fraud losses. The Visa U.S.A. Operating Regulations require Issuers to submit information on fraudulent applications and on all consumer credit card applications processed. Ongoing analysis proves that ICS data are significant in predicting account performance, and that ICS offers important, quantifiable loss reduction potential.

Visa Issuers who need an ID to access this site should contact their Visa Member Relations representative or Visa ICS directly at 1-888-847-2231 (1-888-VISA231).